The team consists of four seasoned DXers, Contesters and Expeditioners

  • Gavin – GM0GAV (previous VP8GAV, VP8SDX, IOTA Contest Winner – GM5A, S79GM and 7Q7GM etc).
  • Clive – GM3POI (previous 3B7C and T32C).
  • Rob – GM3YTS (member of the Voodoo Contest Group – previous winners CQWW CW – VP8SDX, S79GM, YK9G, 7Q7GM etc).
  • Tom – GM4FDM (previous IoTA Contest winner Expedition Section, VP8SDX, T33C, 3D2DM, V8FDM etc).


  1. Hi there, is it really necessary to send “TU T2GM UP EU” after each QSO?? Just calculate the real loss of time that this means. No need to give you guys a lesson, you are experts enough and hence you might know. It is not my thing to start the senseless discussion of how to run a pile up. But to transmit the call every few minutes will do!

  2. Very good operation… You worked (me) W8HW but Logged W8HL on 12 meters RTTY Mar 16, 2013 2025 z. Because of QRM after your exchange, I could not correct you on that. Please make the correction. W8HL was never on the air trying to work your station (T2GM) at any time or any mode. I thank you in advance. 73, Bruce, W8HW


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