The team are not seeking individual sponsorship prior to the operation.

Should you wish to make a donation please do so after the activity via Clublog OQRS.

T2GM thanks the following organisations for their support:

Nevada radio





  1. GL Guys, have a great trip and good DX.
    Please remain on 80m 1800-1820z daily. SS here 1810-1825z 1st to last day. +5 to -15 min common darkness. 5 min window on 80.
    No 160 window in UK. Thanks. See you all at GMDX in 4 weeks.

  2. Glad you all made it eventually – Murphy at work today with the CME – even your 18Mhz signal had tremendous Au flutter, but thanks for pulling me out of the pile up just before the band went out! Wish you a great trip ( Luggage included)!

  3. Now it is all over – thank you. Equinox is a great choice for dxpeditions. Concentration on WARC bands (bands mainly without beams) I’m sure gave a new one to many little pistols and propagation smiled on those bands too.
    Many tales to tell at GMDX when you can name those less than efficient Airlines, or was it Airports?


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