QSL info

QSL MANAGER will be GM4FDM (QRZ.com) email tgwylie[at]virginmedia.com

QSL POLICY: Cards received by the Buro including SWL will be returned by the Buro.

Direct Cards snail mail to GM4FDM with Self Addressed Envelope and $2 (no IRC please).

OQRS via Clublog: OQRS Rate £2 (GBP) for first card with up to 7 QSOs – thereafter 50p for each additional card!



  1. How do we request QSL through the bureau (need to be sent to my homecall bureau)? OQRS?

    1. T2GM TNX FB QSO.PSE UR QSL VIA BURO.                                                 MAR.17.2013 23:22UTC 24MHz CW, MAR.18.2013 02:59UTC 21MHz CW
      MAR.18.2013 20:49UTC 18MHz CW, MAR.18.2013 21:39UTC 24MHz SSB

  2. Dear Oms…. Can you a little time on one Frequency for little stations and qrp..it will be a great pleasure…73 and congratulations From Bernard F6bcc


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