T2GM will use the following frequencies. Please make a note of them.

1826.5 Up 3+ World ex JA,  -3 JA

3506       3790

7009      7040     7079/7179

10104    10145

14019    14079    14145

18076    18099    18139

21019    21079    21269

24896    24919    24949

28019    28079    28469



  1. Dear friends!
    I am sorry but I must to say that I am verygrieved!I calling you long times andyou are answer for my call and tell my rst599 but then to say that i had QSO before.Yes I had QSO but on 18mHz phone and have not CW QSO generally.Please count our QSO 2013-03-20 15-45UTC 10104kHz CW both RST599. You are my only one T2 on CW and very needed for my DXCC award! Thank you very much!UX5TQ (Yuri Naidyonov)


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