Strong CME impact

A fast moving Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) which left the Sun on Friday morning has swept past Earth early Sunday morning. The solar wind rose quickly from 300km/s to over 600km/s. Stations in Europe report strong Auroral conditions (particularly in the UK where the beam heading is 0° to T2 – right through the storm).

Neil G0JHC made this recording of T2GM on 30CW with very strong auroral sounding signals.



INFO: Incredibly, on the flight to Tuvalu from Suva, Fiji, Rob’s (GM3YTS) luggage was again lost. This bag contained band pass filters and coax, so antenna choice until Tuesday will be limited. (It’s expected the missing luggage will arrive on the Tuesday flight).

Latest on T2GM

UPDATE  – Finally all luggage arrived in Fiji and they are ready for Tuvalu.

March 14 — Luggage has now arrived in Auckland (never left London until Wednesday whilst the team departed last Sunday) and will be with the guys in Fiji tomorrow. Plans for Tuvalu on Saturday are still on.


March 13 — Clive GM3POI is currently in Tuvalu. Gav GM0GAV, Rob GM3YTS and Tom GM4FDM are now booked on the Saturday flight to Tuvalu.

They were initially booked on the Thursday flight, however, since arriving in Fiji 2.5 days ago, their luggage has not arrived and is still missing. The Saturday flight is their last chance of going to Tuvalu — if no luggage by then they will return home.

Fingers firmly crossed their missing luggage arrives.

Underway but delayed

Rob GM3YTS, Gav GM0GAV and Tom GM4FDM have been delayed by an aircraft fault and subsequent cancelled flight from Glasgow. This means they cannot get to LA and Fiji. They are now flying via 9V and ZL. They will have to wait for 2 days for the next Flight to T2. This means they will not be QRV until Friday, March 15th. GM3POI is on schedule and will continue to T2. The joys of travelling!

GM-DXpedition to Tuvalu

Operating from the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel on the lagoon side of the island, T2GM will be activated by a group of four Scottish operators between March 13 – 23, 2013.

The team consists of four seasoned DXers, Contesters and Expeditioners, namely Gav GM0GAV, Clive GM3POI, Rob GM3YTS and Tom GM4FDM.

They will operate 2 x 500w stations using the Elecraft K3 and Microham Interface Units, with vertical antennas placed either in or at edge of the lagoon.

Blog updated courtesy Col MM0NDX before, during and after the expedition.