First logs to Club Log

First batch of logs uploaded to Club Log.

(If you have a log query, keep hold of your QSO details and contact the team after the expedition – alternatively try work them again).



  1. Many thanks for a new one and the prompt upload to LOTW. Hope to work you on other bands if conditions allow.
    73, Chris G4DJJ

  2. Glad you finally made it! Look forward to trying to work you from the mobile. 73 de Duncan EA5ON / GM7CXM

  3. Please try 24 mc SHORT P around 0900 gmt. You were s0 on 24 mc today at 0600 gmt. BUT 599 on 21 mc
    around 0830 gmt until 1000 gmt. Thanks for trying via SP

  4. Please check stay on 40 little bit more, listen you till 15z ,but have big Russian and Ukrainian wall hard to break, tnx

  5. Keep up the good work. Thanks for a new one on 17m and 20m cw -100 watts . You were loud on my homemade hexbeam on a portable mast . 73, Mich on8dm

  6. Glad you’ve made it. You had awful luck. Sadly I’m 5X1SF, for the next 2 weeks (even more sadly, not QRV), so I won’t get a chance to work you.
    Hope your return flights are not as eventful as the outbound!


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