GM-DXpedition to Tuvalu

Operating from the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel on the lagoon side of the island, T2GM will be activated by a group of four Scottish operators between March 13 – 23, 2013.

The team consists of four seasoned DXers, Contesters and Expeditioners, namely Gav GM0GAV, Clive GM3POI, Rob GM3YTS and Tom GM4FDM.

They will operate 2 x 500w stations using the Elecraft K3 and Microham Interface Units, with vertical antennas placed either in or at edge of the lagoon.

Blog updated courtesy Col MM0NDX before, during and after the expedition.


  1. Looking forward to more website info, will there be (good) photo’s of the ops on the page soon?

  2. Hi ,Hope to see you on at least 80 and 12 meters. And why not 160.Good luck and will be nice to have a North-European operation,as you know ,when and where. 73 Hans SM6CVX

  3. I have Tuvalu confirmed on 10 meters but look forward to confirmation on other bands too. Good luck and good DX to the team headed to the lagoon.
    73 de NQ4A – Richmomd, VA

  4. Hi guys, wish you a very good DX-pedition. Hope you will hear me with K3, 500W and vertical. Vy 73 especially to Tom, GM4FDM.

  5. Thanks Berndt we are hoping the propagation gods will be with us and we can put on a good show for Europe. The USA and Japan should be very easy from that QTH!

    Tom GM4FDM

  6. Looking forward to this DXPedition!! Most needed are 80M and the WARC bands. Safe Travels !! 73, GL, Rich, K3VAT

  7. Bringds back fond memories of our T2T/T2V operation in Dec 2011!! Say Hi to Anisi (former Director of Telecom and GREAT FISHERMAN!!)

  8. I hope you will try 160m for Europe too…flux is predicted to be 105 around 18th March so maybe not so bad. I doubt there will be other activity from Tuvalu in next years with so good Topband operators.., so only chance for us. Wish good trip..73 Rys

  9. hello guys , good luck for your dxpedition , looking for you each day ,hoping a digital qso !! thanks to put on the air this rare one , best 73’s Jacques F5II

  10. Hi
    Will listen hard for you on Top Band as well as on 80M. Great to see that such a dedicated team will do their best to improve the low band statistics for me and the rest of the world 😉 Good luck, play safe and enjoy the pile-ups!
    Pete SM5GMZ

  11. Hope to work you on 12, 80 and 160 meters,,,,, Please stay for SP openings. We have similar condx here in Scandinavia ,as you have in Scotland. IF we ever will be able to work T2 on topband from here, it has to be with you top-operators. 73 Hans SM6CVX

    1. Best wishes for good propagation and a safe operation. Will be looking for you.
      73, Bob W1YRC

  12. Sorry to hear about the delays. However, maybe Clive will have all the antenna’s set up by the time you arrive 🙂

    I need Tuvalu on all bands except 20m so I’ll be trying hard to work you if possible. Hope the rest of the trip goes well with no more delays.


  13. Please don’t follow the bad habit of other Pacific DXpeditions and start RTTY operation on the very last day. There are many out there who need it for all-time new one in this mode, so if you stick to the main bands in this mode, it would be very much appreciated. Otherwise, have a save trip, and have fun.
    73 de Gary, DF2RG

  14. So sorry you have had to cancel. I thought you were delayed only.
    Hope you get a good backup location in Fiji and that the rest of the trip goes well.


  15. Just before I only called once on 10.104 and I was very happy to get the immediate reply with 599 on my 2x20m dipole. What a coincidence to be just on the right QRG. Tnx for the new band. But, gentlemen, do not forget RTTY, and not the last day, please. Teh whole RTTY community is waiting. Carry on and good luck and vy 73de Hans, DL1YFF

  16. Dear Team!
    You are mistaken! I am sure because I had not QSO with you on 10104.0kHz never before!Please count our QSO: UX5TQ 2013-03-20 1545 UTC CW both RST599. As I right OK, you said that it was my the second QSO on this band but I know sure that this is my only one CW QSO there.I had QSO on phone before but on 18mHz and no more!Thank you!This QSO needed for my DXCC award! (UX5TQ Yuri Naidyonov)

      Yuri Naidyonov(UX5TQ).

  17. Thank you very much! I saw your answer in logsearch! I am sorry but I did not your report for my call you on 1541 UTC. Well,it was many EU operators doing hard QRM on your frequency and and I did not listen your report!Xcuse me,please!73!!!
    Yuri Naidyonov (UX5TQ).


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